5 ways to Boost Your Metabolism Through Exercise

5 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Through Exercise

Exercise is a very important part of the metabolism boosting process if you want to maximize the amount of calories your body burns each day,  The good news is that to boost your metabolism through exercise is a relatively simple process and in this article I’ll provide you with five top metabolism boosting exercise tips.

Walk Whenever You Can

Walking is a highly effective calorie burner and something that the majority of people don’t do enough of.  By walking for an hour a day, you can blast through 240 calories which equates to over 1,600 calories per week. So if you’re not currently taking every opportunity to walk during the day, start making some changes to your routine and give your metabolism a kick.

Do Some High Intensity Cardio During the Day

While walking is a good steady state calorie burner, by doing some high intensity cardio daily, you can really rev up your metabolism. High intensity bursts of cardio often burn 800+ calories per hour, so just 10 minutes per day can blast through over 130 calories.  There are plenty of ways you can fit high intensity cardio bursts into your day with some of the best body weight exercises being burpees, jumping jacks, jump squats and sprints.

Incorporate Resistance Training into your Routine

If you’re serious about ways to boost your metabolism, resistance training needs to be part of your routine. Although it doesn’t directly burn as many calories as some cardiovascular exercises, it indirectly increases your overall metabolism.

The reason for this is that muscle cells burn three times more calories than fat cells. Therefore, by doing some form of resistance training a few times each week, you build up your overall muscle mass and naturally burn more calories as a result.

Follow A Consistent Workout Plan

To truly maximize and boost your metabolism, you need to be following a consistent workout plan. Doing a little extra activity during the day does make a difference but the biggest calorie burning gains come from your workouts. For the best results, create a workout plan that involves a mixture of cardiovascular training and resistance training, make sure you apply maximum effort in every workout and workout between three and five times per week.

Rest For At Least One Full Day Every Week

Without proper rest, even the most efficient metabolism boosting exercise plan will fail. Resting gives your body time to heal, gives your muscles a chance to repair and prevents your body becoming overwhelmed by excessive training. Failing to make time for rest has the opposite effect and prevents your body from fully recovering between workouts which result in it being unable to perform optimally and your metabolism slowing down. Therefore, make sure you always take at least one full rest day each week and use this day as a complete break from any physical activity.


As you can see, with just a few small tweaks, you can fire up and boost your metabolism by using exercise. The best part is all these tips are easy to implement into your weekly routine. So if you want to increase the number of calories you burn every day, start implementing the tips above to give your metabolism a much needed boost.

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