How to eat out with clean eating

How to Eat Out With Clean Eating

The good thing about eating this way is that it isn’t difficult to eat out with clean eating. It is usually very simple to do, no matter what restaurant you go to, as long as you know the basic “rules”. Here are some tips to follow when you want to eat out and stick to your clean eating lifestyle.

Make Your Choices Simple

When you eat out with clean eating, don’t make it complicated by choosing one of the newest skillet meals or something that requires analyzing every single piece of the meal puzzle.

Instead, just go simple — especially when you are new this way of eating. This might mean simply ordering grilled instead of breaded chicken, steamed instead of sauced vegetables, brown rice instead of baked potato, side salad instead of fries.  To make it really simple, a fresh, green salad always works (watch out for the toppings and dressings though). These are simple, easy swaps that most restaurants are more than willing to make.  It is important to watch out for hidden ingredients that might not be listed, and when in doubt, most servers are more than happy to provide a list to you.

Look For Steak or Seafood Restaurants

As far as the type of restaurant goes, steak and seafood should be at the top of your list when you eat out with clean eating. While it is true you can find clean eating-approved meals just about anywhere, it is simpler when you don’t need to do a lot of substitutions or change half of what the meal is supposed to be. Going to a steak and/or seafood restaurant makes it easy to order.

These restaurants usually have grilled steak, seafood or chicken as their main component for most of their dishes, and it is easy to order a healthy side to go with it.  Remember to stick with grilled and not breaded and fried and you should be ok. AND watch out for that pre-dinner bread basket!

Be Smart About Fast Food

There are going to be some times when you need to choose food from a fast food restaurant. This is definitely not and ideal choice when you eat out with clean eating, but it also doesn’t have to make or break your day.  Most fast food restaurants will offer side salads instead of fries, and will wrap your hamburger in a big lettuce leaf upon request.  They might also offer a whole wheat bun alternative. Again, pay attention to the type of salad dressing you choose. Oil and Vinegar (best) or balsamic vinaigrette (better) is preferable over a creamed dressing.  And, of course, order grilled chicken instead of breaded chicken for your salads and sandwiches. 

When in Doubt, Always Choose a Salad!

As many of you know, I LOVE SALADS!!  They are made with fresh, raw ingredients, filled with lots of vitamins, minerals, a ton of fiber, and you can top them up with a grilled protein.  As mentioned above, you just have to watch out for the type of toppings that are used, and the type of salad dressing.  When in doubt, ask the server, or ask to have it on the side, so you can control how much you eat.  You can also ask for slices or lemon and lime and simply squeeze the juice on your salad.

When you apply those simple rules, you can still eat out with clean eating, enjoy the company of your family and friends and keep your lifestyle!

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