Get Healthy With Me!

This area is reserved for some amazing self-paced programs that will give a jumpstart to your journey to health and wellness. I'm working on more so stay tuned!

7 Day Detox Program

A 7-Day Detox program designed by a holistic health professional to aid in eliminating toxins, proving health and providing weight loss.  This program provides a foundation for your health going forward by rejuvenating your body and mind!  

The Vibrant Woman Transformation

A 12 week coaching program designed to help women over 40 lose up to 20 pounds, rebalance their hormones so they can feel more confident in their clothes and more vibrant in their life. It is a unique combination of food, fitness, lifestyle management and self care designed for women over 40 who are struggling with weight gain, hormones, stress and fatigue. Unlike other programs that just give you a cookie cutter template that works for younger women, this program gets right to the heart of the individual issues women over 40 face so you can actually get results.

7 Day Clean Eating To End Sugar Cravings

A 7-Day Clean Eating To End Sugar Cravings program designed to jumpstart your weight loss, help you the extra weight, rejuvenate your body and mind, and reclaim your health!

Meet the coach

Sue Lemoine Flourish Holistic Nutrition


I’m so glad you found my website! I’m Sue Lemoine, a Licensed Holistic Nutrition Practitioner (LHNP) who is determined to put you on a path to feeling energized, light, and completely healthy!

My health journey started in high school.  I ate  a lot of  CRAP (carbonated, refined, artificial and processed) and as a result,  I was overweight, unhappy with how I looked,  and hated how I felt.  I was  tired and moody all the time, had no energy to do anything and I was sick ALL THE TIME!  I tried all the latest diet fads, which of course worked short term, but because my habits didn’t change, I entered the yo-yo dieting cycle that lasted for years.  

It wasn’t until my two daughters were in organized sports that I started to really research clean eating, not only for me, but for them.  They needed the energy from  whole food to train and compete in high level sports.  The change in all of us was amazing.

When my dad passed away of cancer at Christmas of 2013, my life changed.  Not only did I lose one of my greatest pillars of strengths, but after he passed, I dug deep into the causes,  prevention and treatment of cancer.  What I revealed horrified me.  

My journey led me to the root of all sickness – CRAP food.  We must nourish our bodies with whole, clean foods so  they can rebuild strong cells and tissues,  leading to the most important thing of all —  good health.  It’s amazing what it feels like to have energy to get out of bed, do my morning workout, and have  lots of energy to  get me to the end of the day.  Clean eating does that!  I want to teach you how to make that happen for you.  

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